Bred with Thought, Raised with Love, Shown with Pride







Our friend Cosmo shown by his mom
A major win!

Lily and Dad read the paper

Puppy playtime

Rose gets a puppy kiss

I love tummy rubs!

Hey, what's going on?

Bounder and Lily at a show

Multi Ch Camelots Bound For Glory, CGC

Bounder and Miss Lesley (yellow jacket)

Bounder and Miss Lesley at a show

Zorro loves Breezy
Matti's Parents

Matti at 8 months

Bounder hunting for lizzards

Miss Lily

Matti and her sister

Matti as a puppy

Anna, Gram and Lin with
cousin Chugs at the dog park

Gram holding Bounder and Lily
L/R Anna, Jacky, John and Lin



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