Bred with Thought, Raised with Love, Shown with Pride






Our Dogs


  Matti  Aurora  Terra  Cass


After much research into different breeds of dogs, I found what I thought was the perfect dog for me. I wanted a smaller, sturdy dog with a good temperament, one that was non-shedding, non-yapping and intelligent. I wanted a dog to be my companion and be part of my family and life.

Finding the right breed was the easy part.  Back in 1998 finding the right breeder and right dog was another story. Well bred Havanese puppies were very hard to come by. Most breeders were being very careful to make sure that their special dogs went into special homes.

After talking to many breeders, I was lucky to find Barbara Bogart of ZB's Havanese in Longview, Texas. After talking on the phone for hours, and sending pages and pages of emails, Barbara decided to take a chance on me. She referred me to a friend of hers in Michigan who had a very nice male puppy. Barbara and I have since become good friends. She is my mentor and more, she is family.



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